Harvey Milk: His Lives and Death

Yale University Press, Jewish Lives

Chronicle of Higher Education
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Named Most Valuable Biography of 2018 by The Nation
Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award
Included in Wiki's Compelling Books That Offer Fresh Perspectives on American History

Kirkus* "Faderman does a fantastic job at reanimating a story that reminds us that people can be truly tolerant—with the exception of the few—and that, with will (not money), anyone can effect change. Harvey Milk as seen through fresh, highly knowledgeable eyes."

San Francisco Chronicle "A stirring account.... Faderman succeeds in painting a multifaceted portrait of a complicated man, in less than 300 pages. Milk was a famously exuberant, theatrical figure, but anyone relating his story needn’t be as effusive as he was: Faderman elicits the drama of his life dispassionately, and with understatement."

Tablet "elegantly written and well-researched"

Washington Post "Harnessing her perspective as a lesbian scholar and Jew born in New York City just a decade after Milk, Faderman’s sensitive contextualization of his life illuminates that his great humanity, as well as his successes and failures, were very much entwined with his Jewish identity."

Jewish Chronicle “Lillian Faderman has particularly interesting things to say about three themes: Milk’s Jewish background, his populist politics, and his death.”—Alan David, Jewish Chronicle

Times of Israel "A hopeful, moving, and uplifting read. . . Faderman’s narrative mixes the personal and the political with great skill; subtly displaying how at a fundamental level, fighting for collective political rights is really just a human yearning for personal happiness, which usually has its roots in compassion.”

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"Meticulously researched and beautifully written, Lillian Faderman’s Harvey Milk is a revelation. This insightful work provides context to Milk’s life as a gay icon and illuminates how his experience was deeply informed by his own Jewish identity."
—Cleve Jones, author of When We Rise: My Life in the Movement